Aosta Valley

between nature and wine and food tradition

Aosta Valley

Winetourism through the mountains

Aosta Valley Winetourism through the mountains

Aosta Valley is a land of ancient agricultural tradition, of history and passion. In this region, preserved among its peaks, vineyards and orchards depict the landscape interspersed with pastures and woods. From nature comes all the richness of this region that has chosen as a philosophy to preserve its beauty and value.

From the slopes of Mont Blanc, to those of Monte Rosa, to the vineyards of Gran Paradiso or to those of the Cervino, here every itinerary of the wine that makes up the Route des Vins(Wine Trails) will allow you to know the different ways of cultivating and working the vineyard. There are several wine-growing areas characterised by small plots interspersed with rocks. Here the vineyard and the Alps narrate the history of a territory and through the colours and scents enclosed in the wines, the plot is told.

The rare and varied beauty of these lands is easy to fall in love with the moment, but even more observing the suggestive wine-growing landscapes, which leave really breathless. It is not a coincidence that in Aosta Valley the viticulture is called “heroic”.

The itineraries of the Aosta Valley wine are five: wines from Mont Blanc, wines from Monte Emilius, wines from Monte Cervino, wines from Monte Rosa, and wines from Gran Paradiso. And it is precisely on the latter that we focus our attention, not only because in this wine itinerary you can also find the charming wine relais Lo Triolet, but because here the landscape and viticulture blend in an unique beauty.

Wine trails

Aosta Valley Wine trails

The path to the Gran Paradiso wine trail leads to discovery, so it is rare and unexpected is what is proposed before the eyes. The route begins in the heart of the imposing natural amphitheater of Inferno (hell) in Arvier, here you can admire vineyards attached to the rocky walls, then continue through small hidden lanes to the promontory of Les cretes of Aymavilles and let yourself be seduced by heavenly beauty of the valley at the foot of Gran Paradiso mountains. To further embellish the landscape you will find numerous castles that like diamonds adorn vineyards and mountains.

Besides the wines, another strong expression of the bond between the inhabitants and the territory of Aosta Valley are the local gastronomic products. During your food and wine itinerary, do not miss the tasting of cheeses, salami, honey, fruit, Pan Ner (a typical bread) and Genepì (a liqueur of ancient origins and digestive and balsamic properties).

Among the tourist attractions not to be missed are undoubtedly mentioned: the Castle of Aymavilles, the Castle of Saint Pierre, the Royal Castle of Sarre and the Church of Saint Léger.

For a complete experience of wine tourism in Aosta Valley, book a visit in the cellar with wine tasting and if you can treat yourself to a few days of relaxation, book your stay in wine relais to savour the true wine hospitality.

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