All long weekend of 2016 to spend in Wine Relais between relax and wine tastings

All long weekend of 2016 to spend in Wine Relais between relax and wine tastings

to discover the Italian wine regions.

The 2016 is a year full of long weekend, which from spring until late autumn give us many opportunities to stretch your weekend and plan a romantic getaway, a weekend or a few days dedicated to taste excellent wines accompanied by characteristic dishes from different regions of Italy.


So here is a short list that will give you the ability to program your favourite destinations right away in the best WineRelais in Italy:

-Monday 25 April (Day of Italian Liberation)

-Thursday 2 June (Day of Republic)

-Monday 15 August (summer holiday – “Ferragosto”)

-Tuesday, 1 November (All Saints' Day)

-Thursday 8 December (Immaculate Conception)



The long weekend are great opportunities to extend your weekend and enjoy a relaxing holiday, immersed in the peace and quiet that only a WineRelais can guarantee.


Already on 25 April it is possible to take advantage of the first mild spring temperatures to visit Sicily, a perfect time to discover the sun-kissed island with its many facets: the beautiful scenery at cultural and gastronomic riches.


For those who want to wait until the gates of summer ideal is the long weekend of 2 June that gives you the possibility to explore new wine regions in order to discover and savor it slowly. Our recommendation for a gastronomic journey is Tuscany that within its borders hosts Chianti and Montalcino, both two main sights for lovers of good wine. But the season is perfect to discover alternative destinations and most sought after as Marche, Abruzzo or Umbria. All these regions are perfect for discovering small ancient villages, unspoiled landscapes and frank and genuine cuisine.


For those who will have to wait until mid-August will be even nicer to enjoy the breeze of sea life in Liguria that combines hiking and mountain biking.


Arriving at all Saints' weekend without programs is impossible. In Piedmont is in full swing the Fair of Alba White Truffle and vineyards at this time of year offer breathtaking scenery, impossible to replicate elsewhere. For those who want to flee to places where there is peace and quiet at this time will not miss to spend a few days among the WineRelais in Veneto, Lombardy or Friuli Venezia Giulia. Unique opportunities to arrange wine tours and tastings.


Where to spend the feast of the Immaculate Conception? In Trentino of course!


Choose now your wine destination to enjoy a truly exciting holiday.

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